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how to get your bill


We send you a monthly email showing the billing period, amount due, payment date and your reference.
The detailed bill is attached as a PDF.

You can also see it 24/7 in my account

Like bills by email?

Switch now in my account


Do you have a PostFinance or Swiss bank account?

View your detailed bill in your e-banking portal and pay it online. View print it 24/7.

Like e-bills?

  • log in to your Yellowbill or PayNet account
  • activate the e-bill function
  • choose Orange from the list of suppliers.

paper bill

You'd still like paper bills by post?

No problem, but they cost more because of paper and postage: CHF 2.-/month for summary bills and CHF 5.-/month for detailed bills.

Or you could save money and help the environment by choosing email or e-bill.

how to pay your bill

direct debit

We love direct debit so much that we'll give you CHF 10.- off your next bill when you switch.

It's free, efficient, safe and automatic. It works from a bank or PostFinance account.

You can check payments at any time. If you don't agree with a payment you have 30 days to contest it.

Take care: if a PostFinance direct debit is refused it causes us extra work so we have to charge you CHF 30.-.

Like direct debit?

Sign up by filling in and printing the authorisation form and sending it to the address on the form.


Pay online in no time.

  • log in to your e-banking/e-finance portal
  • click on the e-bill to open it
  • select the account to pay your bill from
  • authorise payment and specify the payment date

How do e-bills work? Go to

credit card

Pay your bill with a credit card at any time from my account

Take care: your credit card company is likely to charge a processing fee

  • VISA: 1.75%
  • Mastercard: 1.75%
  • American Express: 2.6%
  • MyOne: 1.3%

Get reconnected fast

Paying by credit card is the speediest way to re-activate your account if it's been suspended. You'll be able to make calls as soon as the payment is validated. The fee will be added to your next bill.


Email bill

  • log in to e-banking
  • select 'make a payment using an orange payment slip'
  • copy and paste the relevant information from your email

Paper bill

  • log in to e-banking
  • select 'make a payment using an orange payment slip'
  • type in the details from the payment slip with your bill, as shown here.

post office

Feel like a walk to the post office?

If you had an email bill, fill in a blank red payment slip with information from the email, as shown here

If you had a paper bill, use the payment slip that came with it.

Take care: paying this way costs – see the charges.

Red payment slipOrange payment slip
Payment up to CHF 50.– CHF 1.65 CHF 0.90
Payment up to CHF 100.– CHF 1.95 CHF 1.20
Payment up to CHF 1000.– CHF 2.50 CHF 1.75
Payment up to CHF 10'000.– CHF 3.70 CHF 2.95
For every subsequent CHF 10'000.– CHF 1.05 CHF 0.90

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