Whether you're looking for wholesale telecommunications solutions or considering becoming an Orange business partner, you can find everything you need to know here.

MVNO / Reselling partnerships

Become an Orange MVNO to sell top-quality telecommunications services through your own brand, to your own customers.

  • a range of customisable business models to choose from
  • a best-in-class mobile network
  • the products and services relevant to your business

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wholesale business

Comprehensive solutions for interconnection, transit, transmission and roaming as well as providing dedicated business numbers to meet specific business needs.

  • delivering and receiving voice, data and messaging services through interconnection partners
  • roaming services for the benefit of customers, visitors and partners
  • provision of premium, shared cost and freephone numbers

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3rd party business

Our 3rd party products provide you with an easy way to offer and sell your services, as well as to keep in touch with your customers whenever you like, wherever they are:

  • SMS and MMS premium services: for customers to make easy mobile payments for purchases and services such as chats, horoscopes, voting etc.
  • SMS Bulk service: used, for example, for advertising campaigns, banking services, etc.
  • Business numbers: free of charge or chargeable voice services for the likes of service hotlines, chat, voting services, sales etc.

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