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1818 directory services

1818 is the directory enquiries number in Switzerland, for all national and international number queries. Available 24 hours a day, the service provides phone and fax numbers, names, postal and email addresses.

calling 1818

You can make up to 2 national and 1 international enquiries at a time, and you'll always receive an SMS with the details after the call. You can also ask to be connected directly to the number.

Calls cost CHF 1.99 per call and CHF 1.99 for each subsequent minute for all customers. There can be additional charges, depending on your subscription.

SMS 1818

  • for national phone & address enquiries, send the person's last name and location to 1818 (can include first name & street if known)
  • to find a name or an address, simply send the phone number to 1818
  • '*' can be used to abbreviate: e.g. Hans Muster in Zürich = Must* Hans Zür*

SMS are charged at CHF 1.90 per enquiry

Orange World

You can search for a number by going to 'All channels', selecting 'More', then 'On the move'.

The connection cost depends on your subscription and activated options

1145: a directory service for blind and sight-impaired people

A free national service for those who are eligible and registered. For more information, please contact our Customer Care, for free, at 0800 700 700. If you use the service without being eligible, you'll be charged CHF 3.– for the 1st minute and CHF 0.05 per second thereafter.

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