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keep your mobile bill under control

Make sure you’re getting the most cost-effective package of mobile services.

  1. Check out your spending and usage at my account
  2. Follow the advice below to ensure you avoid extra costs for roaming, voicemail when abroad, and premium MMS or SMS.

check subscriptions & PrePay

We’re always improving our subscriptions and offers, so check to see if there something that would better suit your needs.

Orange Me
Customise your subscription to include only the services you really need. Orange Me offers a wide choice. To save more, keep your old device and get a discounted subscription. check Orange Me

Orange Young
The best deals for anyone under 27, with a choice of subscriptions. check Orange Young

Multi Surf
Share your data subscription between your phone and a second device. You’ll get a second SIM card for your tablet or laptop. check Multi Surf

Get attractive tariffs for national or international communications without connection fee and get extra credit free every time you recharge. check PrePay

plan your usage abroad

If you’re planning to travel, check out roaming costs for making calls, sending SMS, or surfing on your phone or tablet before you leave.

Use the automatic free alerts from our Travel Data Safety service to keep a check on how much you are spending on surfing. The service sends you SMS notifications to keep you informed and is automatically set up for your Orange phone.

Did you know you can get reduced rates for roaming calls and surfing abroad by buying a Travel Pack? Choose from 2 different types:

Travel Pack
Reduced rates for calls, SMS and data in Europe (travel zones A & B). check Travel Pack

Travel Data Pack
Reduced rates for data roaming worldwide. check Travel Data Pack

avoid accidental roaming charges

When travelling and connected to a foreign network, you pay roaming charges for calls, SMS and surfing on your phone or tablet. Occasionally, near the Swiss border, your phone may also connect automatically to a foreign network, meaning that you could pay roaming charges as well.

To avoid such charges, disable data roaming or set your network manually to Orange.

Disabling data roaming prevents you surfing on a foreign network, but doesn't block calls or SMS, which are at roaming rates. To do this go to, select your device, then go to 'internet', and 'disabling data roaming'.

Setting your network manually to Orange stops your phone accidentally connecting to a foreign network, but means you won't be able to surf, call or send SMS when abroad. To do this, go to, select your device, then go to 'network', and 'manual network selection'.

avoid voicemail charges abroad

We suggest 2 ways of avoiding standard roaming costs, which can be charged if you use your Orange Box voicemail abroad:

  1. Buy a Travel Pack: reduced rates for calls, SMS and data in Europe (travel zones A & B).
  2. Temporarily disable your voicemail before you travel and re-enable it when you return. Callers won’t be able to leave voicemail during this time but you will get notifications from your phone or by SMS to show who, or which number, has called you.

how to disable voicemail
On your smartphone keyboard, tap #004#, then press the call button.

how to re-enable voicemail
On your smartphone keyboard, tap *004*086x#, then press the call button. (X is your 10-digit mobile number including the zero. For example, if your number is 078 123 45 67 tap *004*086078 123 45 67# then press the call button.)

avoid paying for premium services

Premium MMS and SMS are not included in your subscription or PrePay offer.

what are they
Paid-for services that allow you to order and receive content such as weather forecasts, news, financial data, sports results, credits for online games, ringtones, adult entertainment etc.

how much do they cost
It varies, but always more than a personal MMS or SMS because you pay the service provider.

To avoid the charges, don’t use these services, or block them completely so no-one can ever access them from your phone

  • to block adult content only, send an SMS with the words BLOCK ADULT to 5155 or call Customer Care free on 0800 700 700
  • to block all types of content, send an SMS with the words BLOCK ALL for to 5155 or call Customer Care free on 0800 700 700.

to remove the block
Call Customer Care free on 0800 700 700, giving the password you received with your Orange subscription (it’s on your contract).

good to know
Adult SMS and MMS premium services are automatically blocked by Orange for customers under 18.

save with Preferred Numbers

Do you have 3 favourite numbers that you call a lot? Then add the Preferred Numbers option to an Orange Me subscription at my account. You’ll get 3,000 minutes of calls to 3 specified numbers for only CHF 10.-/month. After that, charges are according to your subscription.

good to know
If you call one of your Preferred Numbers from abroad you pay standard roaming rates.

get a free call charge alert

If you have a subscription where you pay higher rates for calls outside the Orange network, get the free ‘beep’ option. You’ll hear a 'beep, beep' when you call another network, even if the number you’re calling starts with 078.

Add it to your subscription at my account.


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