a little magic from Duo Pack and Multi Surf

If you have a smartphone, you’d enjoy a tablet too.

Duo Pack gives you both – with the tablet free. Just join us with a 24-month contract or renew for 24 months and add Multi Surf.

Multi Surf gives you a special SIM card for your tablet and lets you share your data subscription between tablet and smartphone. No tethering needed, so you don’t waste time connecting your tablet via your mobile, or use up your phone battery. And no need to swap SIM cards!

Apple fan or Android geek?

There’s a free tablet waiting for you, whether you’d like an iPad, a Samsung or another top brand.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re switching to Orange or you’re already with us – there’s a free tablet for all.

Order online, or go along to an Orange Center and try them out.


how to get your free tablet right now

  1. 1

    choose your phone

  2. 2

    choose your tablet

  3. 3

    choose Orange Me or Orange Young plus Multi Surf

join now  renew


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