Office Team

fixed-line telephony by Orange

  • free calls to company mobile phones and great rates for calls to other networks
  • one convenient, combined bill for all your fixed-line and Internet costs
  • no change in telephony or fax infrastructure
  • no connection charge for national calls and per-second billing
  • additional discounts for business mobile phone customers


a fixed-line solution with great rates

Office Pack is our fixed-line voice solution which gives you great rates from your company fixed-lines, wherever you're calling. It comes with the option of combining your DSL service too, so you can have the convenience of one bill for all your fixed-line and Internet requirements.

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There's no need to change any of your existing phone or fax infrastructure when you switch your fixed-line to Orange. Your existing phones and fax machines are fully compatible.

If you subscribe to Office Team during our promotional period, you'll also benefit from free calls from your fixed-line phone to your company mobile phone, so no more missed calls when you're out of the office.

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fixed-line rates

Existing Swisscom line charges will be billed by Orange (e.g. EconomyLine: CHF 25.35/month)


Ref. CHF/minute
Fixed-line to company mobile phones10.– [1]
Fixed-line to company fixed-line 2 0.065
Fixed-line to Orange Switzerland mobile network 3 0.27
Fixed-line to other mobile networks in Switzerland 4 0.27
Fixed-line to other fixed-line networks in Switzerland 5 0.065

Have a look at the international pricing costs.

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