using your business mobile phone abroad

The range of travel options and offers of Orange, as well as the flat-rate call and SMS pricing structure, makes using your business mobile phone abroad more affordable than ever, so just because you're out of the office doesn't mean you're out of touch.

As well as benefiting from low rates locally and back to Switzerland, our single tariff pricing means you'll always know the cost when making calls to another foreign country when you're abroad. No more bill shock on your return.

our travel call rates for Business Flex subscriptions

TALK (in CHF/min.)Business Flex Start, Swiss, InternationalBusiness Flex Travel
includedadditional usageincludedadditional usage
Travel zone A Incoming calls0 min.0.60200 min.0.40
Local calls1.100.40
Back to CH1.700.40
Travel zone B Incoming calls0 min.0.80200 min.0.40
Local calls1.200.40
Back to CH2.000.40
Travel zone C Incoming calls0 min.1.000 min.0.80
Local calls1.301.20
Back to CH2.901.90
Travel zone D Incoming calls0 min.0.800 min.0.80
Local calls2.001.20
Back to CH2.901.90
Travel zone E Incoming calls0 min.2.000 min.0.80
Local calls2.201.20
Back to CH4.801.90
TEXT (in CHF per SMS)Travel Zone A & B0 SMS0.35200 SMS0.35
Travel Zone C, D & E0 SMS0.350 SMS0.35
SURF (in CHF per MB)Travel Zone A0 MB2.00200 MB0.75
Travel Zone B
Travel Zone C15.000 MB4.00
Travel Zone D
Travel Zone E6.00

our inter-zone travel call rates for all Business subscriptions

Calling from
Calling toTravel zone A
Neighbouring countries
Travel zone B
Western Europe
Travel zone C
Rest of Europe
Travel zone D
North America
Travel zone E
Rest of the World
Back to CH1.702.–2.902.904.80
Travel zone A 1.702.–2.902.904.80
Travel zone B 2.–2.–2.902.904.80
Travel zone C 2.902.902.902.904.80
Travel zone D 2.902.902.902.904.80
Travel zone E 4.804.804.804.804.80
Incoming calls0.600.80 [1] 1.–[2]0.802.–[3]

Sending SMS from any country to any country worldwide couldn't be simpler either, at only CHF 0.45 per SMS and always completely free to receive them.

SMS & Surf rates for Orange Me & Optima Enterprise
 Standard subscriptions prices
Travel zonezones A & Bzones C, D & E


where you can use your mobile phone abroad

You can make and receive calls in most European countries, Asia, Africa and major locations in North and South America. Ensure your international roaming is activated before you go by calling our Business Customer Service free of charge on 0800 700 600.

We've grouped countries into five zones, so it's easy to know the rate you'll be charged for making calls when abroad, no matter when you call or which operator you select.

Here is a list of all the countries per zone where Orange subscribers can use their mobile phone. Select the destination to get detailed information on network coverage and available services.

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